Liquid Sourdough

Our liquid sourdoughs are made exclusively from natural ingredients and, during the fermentation process, the active lactic acid bacteria and yeasts form a wide range of flavors. These natural flavors contribute to the balanced flavor of the baked products and they can be used directly, without long fermentation processes. By adding natural preservatives, salt, and vinegar, a long shelf life is achieved.

Powdered Sourdough

Powdered sourdoughs are particularly aromatic and ideal for the direct production of bread and bakery products. Where does its particularly aromatic flavor come from? Besides

of those selected, natural raw materials, lactic acid and yeast are used. They favor and intensify the formation of aromatic substances that are typical of bread. The brief heating and drying of our yeast in our special cylinders create particularly tasty roasted aromas. Therefore, they guarantee a pronounced aroma in breadcrumbs, even in low dosages. Thanks to direct administration, time-consuming fermentation processes are unnecessary. Our products have a long shelf life. We only use natural raw materials and BÖCKER starter cultures.

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