PAMN Solutions

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Management and technology: intelligence at your disposal


PAMN applies modern business management strategies, stimulates team work and believes that only a complete level of technical, productive, administrative, financial, commercial and logistics knowledge can satisfy our clients.

The technological processes at PAMN were designed to serve you in a quick, uncomplicated and efficient manner.

Latest-generation softwares and hardwares allow for a high level of internal control and agile service and decision-making.

PAMN has a wide range of options in our portfolio to keep your product with the appearance, flavor and quality that you want and that your clients deserve. Thanks to a vast accumulated experience in the bakery industry, PAMN offers several solutions for a wide range of problems, such as mold, bread shelf life, expenses with bread distribution, returns due to mold and un-sold products close to expiration date, client complaints, lack of flavor, aroma, texture, quality and food safety.

A team of highly specialized professionals identify the needs of each client, diagnose potential problems and opportunities for development and present solutions based on our products, latest-generation equipment and technical assistance/consulting, working together to achieve the solution.