Amazing pairings to win over your customers

The universe of rustic breads is very broad in processes, modeling, flavors, etc. Today Pman brings you rich pairing suggestions for the rustic bread line, focusing on three products: Italian bread, Focaccia and Ciabatta; beforehand we cannot fail to mention that all these products with just a “thread” of olive oil and wine are already magnificent!

It is also worth mentioning that Pman presents a large line of products for the production of this type of bread, liquid mother dough, powder, enzymatic technological cores, flavored and with the addition of mother dough powder. Finally… let’s get to the point at the moment, the pairings:

Italian bread

With the traditional Italian bread, the pairing with soups could not be missing, any type of soup or broth is welcome with an Italian bread on the side, the second suggestion is the famous cheese fondue inside the Italian bread, for this pairing we don’t need to do marketing it It sells itself, the process is very simple, we cut the top of the bread, remove part of the crumb and add the cheese of your choice;the market offers a wide variety of cheese suitable for fondue, but nothing better than the personal taste of each one.


The most common focaccia we find in our bakeries is rosemary with coarse salt, and from that we will suggest pairing it with eggplant antipasto, but we cannot fail to emphasize the care with the addition of salt in the antipasto seasoning, because focaccia comes with coarse salt, and we don’t want to go overboard with sodium.


Ciabatta is called “bread in the peel” by some because it is a product with high addition of water in its composition, which results in the kernel with very irregular alveoli and crispy peel, this is the famous bread that combines with all kinds of salty filling, but we cannot fail to make a delicious filling suggestion: parma ham, dried tomato and arugula, ending with a drizzle of olive oil to make the snack more juicy and tasty.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it and until the next post!

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