New PAMN headquarters: inauguration February 2021

Offering integrated solutions for the bakery industry for 25 years.

Applying modern business management techniques to obtain the best results.

Our technological processes were elaborated to serve with safety and quality, in a quick, uncomplicated and efficient manner. We rely on latest-generation softwares and hardwares, allowing for a high level of internal control, and agile service and decision-making.

We invest in logistics, research and development to control the quality of our raw materials, resulting in homogeneity and constant quality in our product lines.

Come to PAMN and learn how our solutions can bring more productivity and technology to your business.



To develop and commercialize integrated solutions for the bakery industry, which bring client satisfaction and the well-being of people.


To be a global leader in integrated solutions for the bakery industry


Solidity: our decisions must assure the maximization of results, financial health and perennity of our company.

Ethics: we respect others and believe we can work with transparency, make our company grow, serve our clients and at the end of the day, lay our heads on the pillow with a clean conscience.

We are warriors: we strive to win the daily obstacles, making our company grow, serving our client so they maximize their results; we are persistent, determined, we learn from our mistakes.

Trust and credibility: serious in combining tradition and innovation, to assure our clients due tranquility in their production.

We do our best for the company: we are proactive, dedicated, committed and disciplined; we work hard to build our company.

Evolution: we study, research, work in teams and develop people, creating an environment for professional and personal development, assuring the constant evolution of our company.

Love for what we do: we are proud of the integrated solutions we offer, always trying to meet our clients’ expectations.

PAMN Timeline


Inauguration of new headquarters (planned)


Partnership with the German company Böcker and beginning of the building of the Sourdough Plant


Inauguration of the Microencapsulated Products Plant


Verticalization of the production of Mold Inhibitors and Pan Release Agents


Launch of Aquashelf water-based external mold inhibitor


Launch of PS20 natural internal mold inhibitor


Launch of Mondo Bread concentrates in Brazil


Creation of PMAN Chile and PMAN del Perú


Beginning of international business


Foundation of NAMP to manufacture PMAN equipment and non-stick coatings


Foundation of PAMN USA


Launch of Enzimix enzyme blend line


Launch of DBO pan release agent


Launch of Shelf Life external mold inhibitor


Foundation of PMAN as Representative for Dutch company Gist Brocades (commercializing dry yeast) and Brazilian company Fundalumínio (commercializing non-stick coatings)

Learn how our solutions can bring more productivity and technology to your business

Quality Policy

In order to continuously comply with the requisites of the international food industry and allow us to supply your clients with safe food, we have chosen to pursue a FSSC 22.000 accreditation. The accreditation process has already started and is expected to be completed during the first semester of 2021.

The FSSC 22.000 scheme includes ISO standards, technical specifications for sector-specific pre-requisite programs, as well as legal and regulatory requisites. It has full Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)  recognition, allows for integration with other management standards, such as environmental, health and safety, and increases the transparency off the whole food supply chain.

Food Quality and Food Safety Policy

PAMN wants the best for our clients and collaborators, always fulfilling our role in society and in the food supply chain. Thus, we have commitments supported by the whole company, as defined in our policy.


  • Is responsible with our clients and will manage the production of safe and quality products;
  • Follows the premise of complying with the requisites defined with our clients, along with current laws;
  • Has the supplier as a partner, thus must ensure open communication and compliance with our requisites;
  • Considers that our collaborators are essential and will be capacitated and developed to promote transformation and change;
  • Will always work for continuous improvement, using tools focused on food quality and food safety.