Your advantages with Böcker sourdough products: Aroma, natural acidity, process reliability, longer shelf-life

Böcker sourdoughs bring natural flavor and aroma into different kinds of food. Next to aroma and taste development, sourdough products optimize the processing of doughs, e.g. in bread, pizza or pasta production. In products made from bakery premixes, sourdough helps to create a pleasant ant typical bakery aroma. Further technological advantages that accompany the use of sourdough are extended shelf-life and the protection from mold in baked goods. Sourdough can be declared as a natural ingredient.

Fermentation: a natural process

Food fermentations are realized with the help of selected microorganisms. They produce fermented foods, e.g. cheese and yoghurt from milk, alcoholic beverages like beer and wine, or raw sausages (salami). Sourdough, as an example of food fermentation, is one of the oldest kinds of fermentation.

Lactic acid bacteria

The prevailing bacteria in sourdough are lactic acid bacteria. Böcker has a comprehensive strain selection of microorganisms. Lactic acid bacteria are utilized for targeted fermentation in sourdough production.

Natural yeasts

Different kinds of natural yeast strains are involved in the fermentation process. During fermentation, these sourdough yeasts grow and support the leavening activity.

Most careful aroma processing: gentle production methods for unique aroma

Dried sourdough products can be made from all kinds of grain. Next to chosen raw materials, lactic acid bacteria and yeasts are used to increase aroma precursors and their effects in particular. The existing aroma is supplemented further in the drying step. During the drum drying process with the short-term heating on the drums, the precursors are transformed into taste-intensive roasty flavors.

Range of use:

  • Baked goods                         • Pizzas
  • Cereals                                   • Smoothies
  • Bakery premixes                  • Sliced bread
  • Natural acidity                      • Pasta
  • Artisanal bread

Products and typical applications in bakery products:

ProductBöcker Germe 80Böcker Roggen 80Böcker MBöcker Amber SourBöcker Direkt 25Böcker RS LiquidBöcker Barley LiquidBöcker Reis 100Böcker Organic Oats sour GF 25Böcker Bio Buchweizen 80 GFBöcker Bio Quinoa 90
TypeDry powderDry powderDry powderDry powderLiquidLiquidLiquidDry powder **Gluten free**Dry powder **Organic** **Gluten free**Dry powder **Organic** **Gluten free**Dry powder **Organic** **Gluten free**
Main ingredientWheat germRyeWheat maltRyeWheat RyeBarleyRiceOatsBuckwheat and quinoaQuinoa and rice
Italian breadXXXXxXX
Hot dog and Hamburger bunsXXXX
Sliced pan breadXXXXXXX
Rustic loafsXXXXX
Rye breadXXXX
Gluten free productsXXXX

Gluten free baking mixes:

Böcker Baguette and Roll Mix, for production of gluten free breads and rolls.

Böcker ATI control All in one mix, for production of gluten free breads, cookies and cake.