Desmoldmix DBA

Desmoldmix DBA

DBA was developed to aid in depanning of breads, cakes and other baked goods. The product is water-based and has the differential of being a thixotropic fluid. This means it is thin when being applied, but once on the pans, viscosity increases and it stays in place, forming a non-stick film.

The advantages of using DBA are:

  • Aids in depanning of breads and other baked goods with lower sugar content

  • Product release easily form pans, reducing residues

  • Reduces scorched residues on pans

  • For products with low sugar content (up to 8% f.b.).

  • Reduces damage to pans – there’s no need to tap hard to release

  • Keeps product integrity, reducing waste

  • Requires much less compared to vegetable or mineral oil


Box with 4 high density polyethylene containers, 5 liters (1.3 gal) each –  total 20 liters/5.2 gal